Reviewing Trading Ideas. Patience is too important.

The two recent trading idea I have published, are still pending.


For the EURUSD, the price rallied up after I post the trading idea, and it is slowly going back down. The downtrend in the daily chart is still very intact so I am extending the stop sell orders without any changes.

BNBUSDT on the other hand, failed to breakout and it showed some weakness. A double top is seen so we should be cautious about what will happen.

Up side for BNBUSDT is huge if 17.50 can form a new support, but the down side is also huge ($4-$8, at least 45% Drop from the current price $14.7). I will keep the Stop Buy order until the change of trend is confirmed.



If I entered the market at the time I publish these two ideas, I have already got burnt! Now I am observing the market peacefully, and looking for the next big opportunity.

Patience and a peaceful mind are the keys to success.


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