AUDUSD, August/6-10, Daily. Awaiting a drop to confirm breakout to the downside.

AUDUSD is currently in a sideway market. However, the overall trend in daily chart is very bearish. Unless the price move back to 0.7500 or above, I will still look for sell opportunities.

If the price goes down and break 0.7325 this week, I expect we will see a breakout to the downside and will trigger my sell orders at 0.7325.


Action Sell Stop
Expiry GMT+8: 10/Aug/2018 23:59 UTC: 10/Aug/2018 15:59
Open Price 0.7325
Stop Loss 0.7400 0.7370 Trailing stop to breakeven
Take Profit 0.718 Risk-reward ratio: 1.933

14/8 Update: Moved stop loss to 0.737. Expecting the rebound will end soon.