About EgoBusted

Stay humble to the market. Bust your ego if you want to be a successful trader.

Launched in June 2016, Egobusted.com is a website about trading the market. It is not about profits, but about not to lose that much.

I do not actually recommend friends who never trade to join this money game. There are too many things to learn and too easy to lose your capital.

I think readers who arrived this website should have already stepped into the market but yet-to-be successful. You may find the contents I write are talking about you..

Perhaps you are similar to me, a trader who is losing, yet still trading.

I hope building this website can make me (and you!) a better, and a more professional trader. I will summarize my losing experience on the site, and curate valuable knowledge I have read.

About Ray

I am not a successful trader. My equity is still negative (very!). I mainly trade Hong Kong Stocks, Hang Seng Index Futures & Options, Forex, CFDs Indices, Gold, Silver and Crude. My goal of writing this blog is to help myself defining systematic trading rules for good trades, and to help readers to be a better trader as well.

I am quite interested in US stocks but I don’t have enough capital to start another battlefield.

By the way, I am also a self-taught coder, an eCommerce insider and a husband.